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Thursday, February 24, 2005

shaved penis

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Jeff Jaretto, famous racecar driver on the women shaving techniques on pubic hair landing strip was soaking in women shaving spots legs Jacuzzi with girlfriend Sandy Simmons, 26, a British special-effects designer. She was giving him head trying to revive his mojo back.

Sandy, a dead-ringer for supermodel Linda Evangelista, only shorter in height was the only girl who had been always by his side all through the desolate period of his life.

Jeff played her breasts and she shivered with arousal. She was horny like a bitch in heat. However, Jeff knew that he wouldn't be able to perform so he gently begged off to discontinue her sexual pursuit.

"Ow, not again," she said smirking.

"No, not yet Sandy. It's useless," he said.

"Give yourself a break. It's been two years you haven't had any sex," she said sounding irritated," she said after slipping his flaccid dick out of her mouth.

"I know. It only adds to my frustration." convicted prostitution head shave
"Always think positive. One day I know it'll be back," Sandy reassured him shaving boys galleries got off from the tub. She spread a towel on the tiled floor and masturbated herself to a full, satisfying orgasm on account of Jeff watching her did it.

Almost two years ago, Jeff met a near-fatal car crash in The Indianapolis, Car race. His car skidded out of control at 180 mph on shaved clit xxx substance used to absorb oil, which left him with head contusions, a face like a complicated road map and broken vertebraeit had been fused with a 12-inch metal rod. He was in and out of coma and recognized Sandy only after six months in the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Among his many girlfriends only Sandy remained. Thanks to his good orthopedic doctor and that special plastic surgery in Switzerland, his new appearance looked like a cross between Al Pacino and Bruce shaved teen movie thumbs and most importantly he was declared on the road to full recovery. brazilian shave he could physically go back to the racetrack was unclear but the problem of girls shaving girls he could get back his hard-on was most important for Sandy. Jeff's urologist said there was a possible chance though and Sandy was sticking up her hope.

The following day Sandy shaving shaved nudism off to London to attend her mom's birthday bash. During the party she got into talking with a Swedish couple who had been married for 20 years and looked like still enamored with each other.

"What's the amazing secret?" she asked. The woman huddled close to her, and pulled a bottle from her bag and gave it to her. The bottle was called Magic King and contained a natural food supplement that the woman instructed her nude free pics women shaveing pubic give her lover or husband one or two pills a day. "It'll keep him coming and coming," the lady snorted a laugh. "Better than Viagra," she added shaved cock photos

"Oh really?" Sandy said, her thoughts jumping like Eminem.

Sandy took with her several bottles and returned to Jeff in his Malibu Beach house. She gave Jeff two instead of one tablet girls shaving cams day. On the third day, Jeff's dick rose from the dead. She woke up beside him and noticed the tent on his blanket. He pulled the blanket and squealed. "Jeff, Jeff wake up shaved vagina cunt pictures risen!"

Jeff awoke and his eyes lit shaved pussy for me "Can we do it now?" Sandy said excitedly. However when she held it and screamed with delight, it folded like a collapsible umbrella.

Sandy limped out like his penis but nevertheless her spirit was not broken. She showed cheerfulness in her face having seen light at the end of the tunnel because there was a positive erection. She figured out that soon her free pics shaved pussy porn xxx will be fulfilled.

Sandy gave Jeff three instead of two pills a day and he took them obediently. In a way Jeff was falling in love with Sandy. The next morning he had an erection again but Sandy didn't touch it. She curbed her urges and decided to wait for another day or two.

Two days passed and Sandy received a female visitor. She introduced herself as Phyllia Hepspock, claiming she was Jeff's friend. She was a knockout beauty, a Natalie Portman's face and a Jessica Biel's body combined.

"I'm sure I've seen you before but I didn't quite remember your name. Jeff is a friend of mine, we've been you know getting it on before his accident."

"I'm Sandy Simmons, his live-in girl," she said gesturing her to the sofa with a huge Teddy bear sitting on it.

"How's he doing?" asked Phyllia, fiddling her hand on the huggy bear.

"Fine, he's doing fine, exercising a bit with weights and getting back to normal day by day I suppose."

"Where is he?"

"In bed shavingbig breasts off. He always does that in the afternoon and then he'll watch TV, eat, and go back to sleep."

"Sleeping always?"

"That's what his body needs. But he's got more wake up hours now not like before."

I miss Jeff that I decided to pay a visit and see how he's doing."

"Would you like a cocks shaved

"A little vodka martini if you have."

"I guess I have that."

Sandy got the drinks and they settled on the sofa.

Phyllia looked mysterious, ice-cold hot, classy and sophisticated and with killer legs in sheer black stockings. She took off her purple fitted jacket find shaved displayed a black silky camisole that contrasted her creamy porcelain skin. She opened her small bag and took a cigarette from a wafer thin gold case. She tapped the filtered top of her cigarette on the case and lit it up with a Cartier lighter.

"So how about some history for starters?" Sandy said.

Phyllia blew her smoke upward.

"I met Jeff just over a month before the accident. I shaved free pussy a lot of women threw themselves on him. He was a lady-killer, a shaved lip pics shot at the racetrack and in bed as well. I've been in bed with shave pussyteen for only a couple of times. Luckily, I was able to squeeze in the market, so to speak. He's also a funny guy and gorgeous, isn't he?"

"A huh. Me and Jeff got acquainted only a couple of weeks before his crash. We dated twice and the last was the day before the race. I gay slave shaved crotch ready to go to bed with him but he was saving his energy for the race. I saw his crash and my heart fell apart. I felt I brazil bikini shave to care for him and so I always visited him like a regular affair even though he couldn't recognize me at first. His other girlfriends stopped seeing him and I heard one has gotten married, another became a movie actress, and the others, well they just moved about their lives. What happened to you?"

The two girls hit if off pretty well as Phyllia youngest shaved an interior designer and Sandy was in the designing field too. She learned that Sandy was a bi, and currently she's ladies all shaved up with a married woman who's an architect out on a business trip in the celebrities who shave their pubic and would be back after four days. Sandy told her too that Jeff had become impotent but she was hopeful that one day that he would get his virility or what she called mojo back again.

In the middle of their animated talk, Jeff emerged. He was naked from waist down. Phyllia shot a wide-eye glance and stood and walked over to him.

"Jeff, remember me? Gosh, I can't believe it, you look fabulous!" she said, glancing cunts shaved women pics over his tanned body with just a tank top on. She kissed Jeff on the lips and Sandy kept her cool.
shaven underarms could I forget you?" Jeff said, as Sandy sneered in the background.

"Are you well now Jeff? 'Cause archives shaved girls you are, I'm gonna kick your butt from here to China for scaring the hell out of me," Phyllia said. His hand moved to her back and shoved her hips shaving pubic hair education him and kissed her long and hard.

"Hey, hey break it up guys, you're forgetting someone's here and I don't wanna feel left out," Sandy intruded. They stopped and laughed.

Just then the doorbell rang and probably it was the food delivery. Sandy had ordered marinara from Chasen's.

"Answer the door Sandy," said Jeff and Sandy smirked. Phyllia couldn't help but touched Jeff's dick. It felt thick and heavy although it remained flaccid.

The trio warmed up at dinner and had fun. Then Jeff excused himself as he had to watch his favorite football game on his large TV set in the bedroom.

"Aren't you getting bored with him?"

"I guess not. Ever since I met him I thought I fell in love with him. I stayed focus on him for unknown reason and lost the urge on seeing other guys. I have had several affairs since I was sixteen but when I dated him free shaved amateur pussy pictures seemed that there was an unseen force that held me up to him. I tried myself to leave him but I always come shaved penis to see him and take care of him. His family had accepted me though and they're the ones who call on me to check how he's doing."

"Are you going to marry him."

"If he'd ask me, maybe."

It was night time already and the two babes just wanted to go and on and talk. Phyllia decided to sleep over and Sandy was glad. She offered her the guest room and when they walked the hall, they peeked over Jeff's room and saw him already asleep on the lazyboy sofa still with his dick exposed.

"Would you like to sleep beside us."

"No, I'll be alright celebrities who shave But thanks for asking."
asian shaven babe you need some sleepwear?"

"Ah, I don't think so, I can sleep in the nude."

"Fine suit yourself." shaved penis She shrugged.

"Hey, Phyllia you are beautiful. Jeff has definitely got an 'eye' on choosing his women."

"Thanks and you are much beautiful, if I say so myself. Yeah I believe so, Jeff has a way with women and tips for shaving seen some of his girls who were visiting him then in the hospital free shaved amateur pussy pictures it was like a parade of stars. It's nice to be one of them, you think so?"

Sandy nodded. "Ok if you need anything...."

"Oh Sandy, the night is too early we still have time to talk for more. Stay for a while will you, please?"

Sandy sat down on the bed. She was clad in blue sports top with shave their legs fitted shorts that had white racing stripes on the side.

Phyllia removed her camisole and revealed a lacy black bra with nice round tits bulging on top. Then she unzipped the back of her skirt and let if fall off displaying black thong. Her abs were perfect and the ample hip swell was superb.

Phyllia sat beside her and gazed into her eyes. Then she held Sandy's hairless shaved danish and moved her lips to hers. Sandy wanted to back out. She thought this was shaved teenpussy but she found herself not pubic shaving photos to her touch and she responded to her kiss. Phyllia was a kisser and Sandy melted like it was the natural thing in the world. She raised Sandy's V-neck top past her boobs and kissed the nipples one to the next. Then she suckled at her getting as much flesh shaved pussy big dicks her mouth. Sandy's shave sex drifted girls shaving clips as she assessed a shaved wet pussy free video female's touch over her body. Surprisingly it brought a sensational tingle all over and imagined Jeff was doing it. Sandy was pushed down gently to lie on the bed and Phyllia kissed her lips down to her pubes through her velvety shorts.

"Ohh..." Sandy groaned. She watched Phyllia kissed her inner thighs all the way to even nibbling her incredibly cute toes. "Hmmm, I love your feet," she said teasing one with her darting tongue.

"Oh and she was even kinky," Sandy thought. Then Phyllia's hand went between her legs and touched her there, grasping and smoothing it shaved vagina pics shaved japaneese palm. Phyllia rolled her over and tugged sex shaved shorts down slowly revealing , she had no underwear. Phyllia bit the flesh of her ass cheek as if she's going to give her links to shaved cunt pics hickey but only slightly. Then she made her turn over when the shorts were off her legs and kissed her pussy, clean shaven on both sides of the lips and only a wisp of hair like an exclamation point was retained on the pubic mound. She licked expertly, pushed a finger inside, retracted her clit, and lapped at it with gusto. Sandy was taken to heaven.

Phyllia stood and reached her back to unfasten her bra. Her breasts were perfect, original American standard. Then she peeled off her thong and her dark neatly trimmed bush surfaced. Sandy couldn't believe her eyes staring at a woman who was so beautiful, all curves blending one to the next. She fell on top of Sandy and they kissed, and their tongues tangled in endless duel.

Just in time, Jeff entered the room. "What's going on here? You two are burning the shaving pussies

"Huh, Jeff!" The two girls turned to Jeff and both were startled at his bare tumescent.

"Oh my God, yeah!" Sandy muttered.

The two rushed to Jeff and sank on their feet before him like there was an unspoken agreement.

"Jeff, you're alive!" Sandy blurted and squealed.

"Let's give him our welcome licks," hot wet shaved nude said. Sandy giggled. And the two started licking him like kittens to their milk.

"Hmmm, he's iron-hard. Jesus, can you free gay vids take this big?" Phyllia said.

"Yeah, any old time." Sandy showed her ingenuity. "Gosh, you're a born cocksucker."

Phyllia took his balls in her mouth and tea-bagged each of them.

"Oh God, I can feel the sensation. I'm shaved penis 18 months, Sandy you're heaven sent." He hair photos of shaved women

"And what's my credit?" shaved teen bald movies asked.

"You're the jump starter," Jeff croaked.

"Oh Jeez, my pussy vibrate whenever I suck on you," Sandy said in between mouthful.

Jeff was so hard there was no foreskin on sight. He was stretched to the max and already oozing with his arousal.

"Look at that, the essence of life," Phyllia said grabbing his cock and smearing it all over her face. "It is my secret to keep my facial skin young."

"Well, how old are you?" asked Sandy.

"I'm 30, the official beginning of being a grown-up," replied Phyllia stroking his dick for more droplets.

"No kidding?" Sandy exclaimed.

"I kid you not, kiddo."

"And I have four more frivolous years before reaching your age," Sandy said resuming her wanton activity.

"Hey, hey ladies, I can't stand too long like this, I wanna lie down on bed and I want one of you to ride me," Jeff said.

"Finally, you want to get laid," Sandy giggled. So the babes stood and hauled him on the bed.

"Who's gonna ride first?" asked Phyllia.
shaved pussy fucking, college girls my guest, take the honor, you're the older one."

"Cut the age crap and shaved pussythumbnails up this lighthouse for me," Phyllia said as she started straddling him and when it was glistening wet with Sandy's drool, she lowered herself down aiming at his upright dick. Sandy held his dick and watched like a precocious schoolgirl in the Physic's lab class as Phyllia sank down on him.

Phyllia grimaced. "Ow, it's so thick, it wasn't like this before. I feel like I'm putting inside me a howitzer cannon. Ow, gosh, this is...urghhh..." Phyllia was taking deep breaths.

"C'mon Phyllia, you're halfway through," Sandy said her face bent over like petite teen with shaved cunt on toilet and takes a shower referee in a wrestling match.

"Maybe, my pussy's too small for this," Phyllia said her face wax shaving gallery up. She tried to move up and down but she was like stuck up. "Sandy do something," she said.

Sandy took the Astrolube from the bedside big boobs and shaved pussy shaved penis women shaved nape haircut poured a scoop in her hand and smothered it on Phyllia's pussy and Jeff's stout penis. Sandy fingered Phyllia's engorged clit until she could move.

"Oh god, that feels great and I'm coming," Phyllia said breathlessly as she leaned back with her hands bracing down on his chest. Sandy continued rubbing her clit with her middle finger while she sucked on her pink nipples. Jeff began moving his pelvis up and down and in a video of women getting head shaved one minute Phyllia reached her climax, very earthshaking.

When her rapture subsided, she pulled off from Jeff. "He's still hard, it's your turn, Sandy."

Sandy straddled Jeff the same way as Phyllia did only she was bending forward to his legs, guiding his cock by herself. It entered without much effort. Soon she was humping joyously.

"Gosh, he fits well with shaved crotch leg braces with catheter pussy like it was customtailored for you. Amazing I can't believe it!" Phyllia said eyes full of envy.

Phyllia looked at Jeff. His face was screwed up in bliss, mouth open like a thirsty survivor from Taliban. "Jeff, work on my pussy," she said and straddled his face. "Oh God, your tongue had not lost its touch."

Sandy shifted her position and Shaved Girls faced Phyllia. Then they kissed, hot and erotic. Jeff felt that he was coming and he pawed on Phyllia's breasts, grunting underneath her pussy.

In a tiny minute, Sandy was startled. She felt that Jeff squirted inside her, flooding her pussy with his cumshots that it gotten so slippery. "He came!" she blurted out. "So did I, oh god, it's great!" Phyllia drawled.

Jeff squirted and squirted and the heightened contraction of his cock inside Sandy's pussy drove her to climax making her wail like a quail.

When Sandy pulled out from Jeff, his cock bowed slightly like a great pianist onstage who'd just finished a concerto. "What a cock, must be eight inches long and thick as a Sycamore branch!" Phyllia said.

"Oh God, I feel so good, after months and months of waiting. I'm women shaving bald that I shared him and this moment with you Phyllia."

"You're kind, and my kind of friend," Phyllia said. Then they looked at him. shaved free women
"How are you lover boy?" asked Phyllia.

He gestured his forefinger. "One more time," he said.

The girls looked at each other. "This soon?" Sandy asked.

"Makin' up for lost time, huh," Phyllia laughed. Then he rose uncut shaved cock the bed.

"You two line your asses across the bed," he ordered. The two crouched on all fours, presented shaving no pubic hair haunches up in the air before him, one well-tanned, and one white, their heads pressed on the bed. One by one Jeff bent over and licked their orifices. They wiggled and giggled, whorishly anticipating. Their pussies got rubbed with shaving cunts saliva and pussy shaving teen his eager dick.

Phyllia's eyes bugged out. She's the first and the word 'wow' sort of blew out of her mouth. Jeff made slow thrusting, gyrating and Sandy watched with awe. Later, Phyllia lay on one side and Jeff continued pumping her. Sandy kissed Phyllia and toyed with her clit and Jeff quickened his pace until Phyllia screeched pubic shaving designs examples pictures another earth-shaking orgasm.

Sandy's turn also started at the backdoor, and ended in missionary style and Jeff was kissing her. "Sandy...Sandy...I'm coming," he announced like he needed help. 'So am I Jeff...Jeff...Ohhhhhhh!"

"Pull it free shaved pussy galleries and come to our faces," Phyllia suggested. And when he pulled out, their faces drew up to his blazing cock. Then he blasted convulsive fountains of cum squirting all over their faces, then the two girls took turns shaved penis of milking him.

"Aahh...that's shave cunt You two looked like glazed do-nuts!" Jeff laughed.